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Fri Feb 02 2001

I won an Enigma!(1113: TEN+TEN=TWENTY) I actually found out last Saturday, but waited to see it in print in case someone was playing a cruel joke… 🙂

Wed Jan 31 2001

Got my auto site builder program running – any updates are now automatically propogated through the pages, and ‘date updated’ on my main homepage is set. Will post the source & executable soon.

Tue Jan 30 2001

Apologies for the lack of service yesterday – I accidently deleted this file!

Fri Jan 26 2001

Finished this weeks N.S. Enigma in 60 mins – 10 getting it to eight possibilites, and 50 working out which were &%#!&* prime 🙂

Thu Jan 25 2001

Added a new background to these pages – d’ya like? Also decided to keep a mini-diary on here.