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Mon Mar 11 2019

Sometimes I deeply dislike computers, especially when they try and be too clever. It’s actually a little bit scary (The Terminator‘s looking less and less far fetched!). Recent incident – true story. My website now runs on my own server at home, at the end of my broadband pipe. Despite what the provider claims it […]

Wed Feb 13 2019

Very excited that I’ve relocated my website and my photo site onto a Raspberry Pi, which is sitting on my desk looking at me as I type! I purchased said Pi for this purpose over a year ago, but somehow didn’t quiet get around to doing anything more than having it as a Linux box […]

I have now successfully submitted an assignment in PDF format via the Common Awards Moodle, including analysis by TurnItIn!! I did have to do a few more tweaks, so I’ve updated my Using LaTeX for Common Awards page with the final instructions/template for anyone mad enough to do the same.

Thu Oct 08 2015

Virgin Media just keep on increasing their lowest tier of broadband, at least in this area. This time last year, we have 20Mbps, which was boosted to 50Mbps, and has just been bosted again to 75Mbps. My LAN only runs at 100Mbps! I’m a panelist for broadband speed monitoring, and I quite like the profile […]

So far in my ordination training, the vast majority of assessed work has been via a written essay, usually of 2,500 words. UPDATE: By the look of this year’s handbook, the citation rules have changed, and we are allowed to use the altogether more sensible Harvard referencing system. The styling also seems a lot more […]

Thu Oct 11 2012

Just a quicky to note that twitter switched off the old school (original) API last night. Where you used to use you now have to use I’ve updated the Weatherbot page (and the weatherbot itself) to reflect this change. In case you’re not aware, the Weatherbot is a sort of tutorial into how […]

Fri Jul 20 2012

I was worried I’d borked my Asus slider earlier this week. I’ve got the excellent SwitchMe app, which allows me to have different profiles for the different people who use the tablet. For it to work properly, you also need to have rooted the device. This is working very well. However, this week Asus released […]

Wed Apr 07 2010

With the announcement that Ordnance Survey have released OS Open Data (basically, most of their map data for free (as in speech and beer), I decided to see if I could supercharge my Magellan Explorist 210 with street level mapping. Turns out to be non-trivial, especially on 64 bit Windows 7! That said, I have […]

Mon Mar 15 2010

I’ve finally got to grips with Twitter and OAuth, and made myself an updated twibot. It’s actually not that hard – read all about it at weatherbot.php

About this time last year, I finally called time on the inkjet printing thing, and moved solely to laser. To be exact the Samsung ML-1440, which has done us proud for it’s 8,850 pages. In fact, if it were possible to get parts for it still, I probably wouldn’t have changed it.. But change it […]