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I was very brave last night – I flashed my router with a firmware I’d hexedited! I’ve got a Buffalo WYR-G54, which was very cheap, but has essentially does the job of connecting me to the Internet with wireless to boot. One of it’s big plusses is that it routes the external IP from inside, […]

Mon May 25 2009

Well, completed the upgrade to FC9. Wasn’t that painful actually – but I can now run Firefox 3, Adobe Air, and all that malarkey. The painful bits were shifting from IMAPD to Dovecot (had to translate all my mail from MBX to mbox format – thank you “mailutils”), and I haven’t got to grips with […]

Wed Sep 12 2007

Well, I had my first proper encounter with Voice over IP today. I’m on Skype, of course, but people really mean SIP/IAX and RTP when they speak about VoIP… I have to say I am absolutely stunned. At 11 ‘o’ clock this morning I had never knowingly made a VoIP call, and had no immediate […]

Mon Jun 04 2007

Friends on Facebook will already know my broadband suffered an outage on Saturday. Well, actually it’s still out. The set-top box stopped responding at 06.50 on Saturday morning, and the usual prodding didn’t bring it back to life, so I did what any computing professional would do in this scenario – unplugged it from the […]

I find myself in the unusual position of having a laptop computer, as a result of being away at a conference, in Edinburgh. It’s the one that I’m using to run demonstrations, but it means I can blog from bed. This evening was the conference dinner, at a place called the Beluga Bar (which was […]

Mon Jan 10 2005

Should probably add that I upgraded my K700i firmware again; this time to R2AE033, and took advantage of the opportunity to flash it with an EU firmware (instead of Taiwan, which it came with). Naturally, you can’t do this via SonyEriccson’s online update service, but Davinci team‘s client did the trick nicely; did have to […]

Fri Nov 12 2004

My Linux for Playstation 2 kit arrived this morning – huge box containing a hard disk and network adaptor, USB keyboard and mouse, and a monitor cable. A short afternoon’s playing, and my PS2 is now running Linux – I was installing some development tools onto it from this box even while it was running […]

Thu Sep 16 2004

Random entry – here’s a procmail script that will automatically squirrel away any e-mails with [ ] in the subject into a mail folder with the name of the contents of the [ ] (after stripping out any nasty characters): SUBJ = `formail -xSubject | expand | \ sed -e ‘s/.*\[(.*)\].*/\1/’ -e ‘s/ /_/g’ \ […]

Fri Mar 26 2004

Oh go on then! Anyone who’s been before will notice the whole new look (d’ya like?) – it’s not fully dynamic yet, but all of these pages are now generated from Perl templates, fully stuff across from the database. Next step is to make it fully dynamic, so that the pages are created on the […]

Mon Jun 10 2002

Well, another day, another diary entry.. Just spent my lunchtime fixing this website, thanks to the W3C HTML Validator. Lots of petty things can up (like the fact you are supposed to use quotes if you do something like <td width=”50%”>), but there were loads of proper HTML errors too, especially in my tables (</tr></td> […]