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Sat Aug 15 2015

Right – hopefully that’s everything back up and running again! The hack didn’t affect my customised theme (and I’ve restored a clean version from my source-control anyway). I suspect there will be little dark corners that don’t quite work, but the site is looking much like I would expect it to.

Fri Aug 14 2015

My WordPress site apparently got hacked while I was away on holiday (which is why the site went down). I’ve done a fresh installation, but am not going to copy the theme customisations across just yet until I have a chance to make sure nothing’s been compromised!

Fri Apr 17 2015

For a while I have run a second website at, but since starting on the whole ordination journey I have run out of time and energy to keep it up. However, there’s some good stuff on there (at least I think it is!), so I’m going to move all the posts across from there […]

Fri Feb 01 2013

I took (and passed) the Microsoft Certifcation exam 70-480 (HTML5 and CSS3) yesterday. There’s some lovely features of HTML5 and CSS3, but I also messed around with JavaScript during my preparations, and have almost ported my old C sudoku solver to JS, which means I’ll be able to make it available on here again. I […]

Sun Apr 22 2012

I love getting comments on my site, and getting some discussions going. I know I have a couple of friends who read this ‘blog (or who did, anyway), and I have also had several “out of the blue” comments and e-mails to certain posts. I am still very sorry that these historic comments are currently […]

Thu Apr 19 2012

Just to do it formally – the RSS feed for my blog has moved, following the switch to WordPress. Please point your favourite reader at the new feed.

Well, that’s it – I decided to go for it. You’re only young once (and for me that was some time ago). My site is now run by WordPress. I haven’t got the theme entirely to my liking – the archive pages and individual post views aren’t great, my twitter feed has vanished off the […]

Fri Apr 22 2011

Right, have tidied up my ‘Links’ section over there to the left. Now they are all fine and dandy and up to date. I’ve introduced a new “Photography” bit, ‘cos that’s what I’m into most at the mo, and culled some of the old “friends” links, and added some new ones. If I know you […]

Twitter has now turned off Basic Authentication, so apps have to use OAuth. In case you missed it, I have a page which says how to a PHP twibot using OAuth, and I’m grateful to Shadowfax for highlighting some of changes he had to make to get it work in CentOS. Enjoy!

Mon Mar 15 2010

I’ve finally got to grips with Twitter and OAuth, and made myself an updated twibot. It’s actually not that hard – read all about it at weatherbot.php