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Thu May 19 2005

Bit more website fiddling; turns out that my PHP is riddled with errors! Not of a particularly major variety, just testing the value of undefined variables, which does causes the error log file to fill up. I found them because I was having a problem with my Gallery installation, which was down to file permissions, […]

Wed May 18 2005

Decided to take the XHTML plunge, so am proud to annouce that my pages are (almost) valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The almost is because I want the Eutony logo on the top left to be a link to the front page, which means I’ve put an anchor tag around a <div>. This is apparantly naughty, […]

Mon Dec 20 2004

Incidently, the reason for the long gap between the last two entries is not laziness/busyness/apathy (for a change), but rather because we’re having our new kitchen fitted, which of course entails turning off the electrics, so I’ve been powering down my Linux server just in case the electrician chose that day to visit. ‘Course I […]

So much to say, so little time. Spent yesterday in London at my Dad’s funeral (which was actually a lovely service, and huge numbers of people turned up to pay their respects, which was nice). I do find travelling by train very civilised, even if they have stuffed up Kings Cross tube station while they […]

Thu May 20 2004

Oh yes, and I didn’t mention that I’ve chanted a few more CSS runes over the site. Nothing major, it was just bugging me that the text of the site was stuck at 800px wide flushed left. Anyway, now it (hopefully) resizes and is centered in the window. And I don’t mind saying it was […]

Thu May 13 2004

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I did a mini site enhancement a week or so ago (which is what gave birth to the whole idea of a news section), to put “Eutony Computing” and “Eutony Music” under the auspices of “Eutony.Net”. These had previously resided at and respectively, but I don’t really […]

Sun Apr 18 2004

Well, no Empire Records review, but I have done lots of other exciting things… First of all, I’ve finally made this website dynamic, which means what you’re reading is a page generated on the fly from my database! You may well wonder what the advantage of this is, and that would be a good question […]

Fri Mar 26 2004

Oh go on then! Anyone who’s been before will notice the whole new look (d’ya like?) – it’s not fully dynamic yet, but all of these pages are now generated from Perl templates, fully stuff across from the database. Next step is to make it fully dynamic, so that the pages are created on the […]

Good weekend away – went camping in Appletreewick with our house group from church. I’ve not been camping for about 3 years (and my shoulder aches), but it was good fun. The only not so fun bit was waking up at 5am on Sunday dying for a pee, and having to clamber over the missus, […]

Mon Jun 10 2002

Well, another day, another diary entry.. Just spent my lunchtime fixing this website, thanks to the W3C HTML Validator. Lots of petty things can up (like the fact you are supposed to use quotes if you do something like <td width=”50%”>), but there were loads of proper HTML errors too, especially in my tables (</tr></td> […]