I’ve been jotting down some of favourite games that we play at youthgroup. Most of these are good for all ages, and have passed the test of time (several times a term for 2 or 3 years). There are some newer ones we’ve done once or twice, but which seemed good.

Games with no equipment or preparation

(except possibly tables, chairs and a large room)

Games that require pen and paper

  • On The Sofa – simply never grows tired… Probably our most played ice-breaker.
  • 3 facts – a good set of “getting to know you” games.

Card Games

More than I’ve space for, but these are particular favourites.

  • Spoons – also needs spoons. The clue is in the title.
  • Irish Snap – snap, with a twist.

Finally, one game that needs balloons

I’ve not mentioned any ball games – there are millions!

Also, any sort of relay race – particular if it involves candles, water, pancakes, or balloons. Popping a balloon with a candle is particularly satisfying.